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Classy Wino

Leak Proof Safety Seals for Sunscreen Flasks

Leak Proof Safety Seals for Sunscreen Flasks

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  • ADDED LAYER OF PROTECTION - Bottle seals make it look like it’s factory-sealed

  • KEEP YOUR BOOZE IN THE FLASK - adhesive seals for bottles ensure your favorite beverage will not leak from the sunscreen flask.

  • FITS MOST HIDDEN FLASKS - the sunscreen flasks seals are 21mm (approx. the size of a US $.05 Nickel) fit Classy Wino sunscreen flasks, hair brush flasks, and many shampoo bottle flasks.

  • EASY TO APPLY - dry the rim of the full sunscreen flask then place the bottle seal over the opening, WRITING SIDE UP and screw the cap on tightly. The longer you let sit, the better the watertight seal will adhere to the bottle.

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